RESULTS: 2016 Natural Classic

- MEN’S PHYSIQUE OVERALL WINNER: Bernie Gallofin 1 Bernie Gallofin 2 Mark Oakley 3 Lucas Stefanelli 4 David Fleet 5 Luke Vokey 6 Blair Squires 7 Josh Kroyer 8 Steven Wall 9 Gerald O’Neill – BODYBUILDING OVERALL WINNER: Justin Baikie JR. BODYBUILDING 1 Alex Bartlett 2 Jamie Critch LIGHTWEIGHT BODYBUILDING 1 Adam Dumaresque 2 Adam Fitzpatrick MIDDLEWEIGHT BODYBUILDING 1 Phil Snelgrove LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT 1 Justin Baikie 2 Jonathan Crossley 3 Alex Bartlett 4 Jamie Critch – WOMEN’S PHYSIQUE OVERALL WINNER: Lori Squires 1 Lori Squire 2 Cathy Walsh 3 Lola Parsons – FIGURE OVERALL WINNER: Tracey Seaward FIGURE GRANDMASTER 1 … Continue reading

NLABBA Elections – Bios

Candace Critch: After much thought and consideration I have decided that I would put myself up for election of the president position of the nlabba. I would just like to say that I know the experiences I have had and the intentions in my heart for this organization are nothing but to continue to move forward growing this sport in NL as well as to support our athletes in all of their endeavours within bodybuilding and fitness. I also want to say that I will not be campaigning neither for myself or against any individual who will be running for … Continue reading

AGM Agenda

NLABBA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING FEBRUARY 27TH 2016 ST. JOHN’S NEWFOUNDLAND AGENDA Verification of members (confirm quorum) Opening remarks; Adoption of previous minutes; Adoption of financial statement; Annual reports of the NLABBA; Old business; New business (propositions, motions, appeals) Election: President, Treasurer, Secretary Closing remarks from President; Meeting adjourned. New Business: Points of Discussion: Melissa Ma: 1. Judges policy for active trainers on the judging panel ( should they be removed ) 2. Executive actively competing at the Provincial level Mike Newhook : 1. Any member who has had any disciplinary action taken towards them are not permitted to run for … Continue reading

AGM Reminder

To the members of the Newfoundland and Labrador Amateur Bodybuilding Association, Just a reminder that the call for nominations final date of submission is February 13th 2016 As of midnight tonight nominations will no longer be accepted. All nominations must be submit and seconded by two current NLABBA member’s in good standing. All nominations must be sent via email to the CBBF Chairperson at We will validate all member submissions and nominees. Each nominee will be contacted directly and will be given the opportunity to provide a brief personal bio for all members to review prior to the Annual … Continue reading