2016 NLABBA Championship Video

The 2016 NLABBA Championship Video is LIVE! PART 1 – https://vimeo.com/197963708 PART 2 – https://vimeo.com/197945159 This 2-part video is presented online in 1080p High Definition, and can be streamed to any device, or smart TV. The videos can also be downloaded to your computer by following the links above, and clicking the DOWNLOAD buttons. … Continue reading

2016 NLABBA Championship RESULTS

MEN’S PHYSIQUE OVERALL CHAMPION: Jon Chafe MEN’S PHYSIQUE SHORT 1.James Gardiner 2.Travis Gallant 3.Draper Lainey MEN’S PHYSIQUE TALL 1.Jon Chafe 2.Michael Fost 3.Henry Hussey 4.Luke Vokey 5.Doug Strickland 6.Jordan Kent 7.Adam Young 8.Alex Fost MEN’S CLASSIC PHYSIQUE OVERALL CHAMPION: Chris Stone 1.Chris Stone 2.Mark Snook 3.Geoff Neville 4.Bernie Gallofin 5.Neil Doyle 6.Darrin Gray 7.Jesse Cooper 8.Phillip Rowe MEN’S JUNIORS BODYBUILDING 1.Isaac Davis-Power 2.Josh Garland 3.Daniel Rideout MEN’S GRANDMASTER BODYBUILDING 1.Phillip Rowe 2.Greg Louvelle MEN’S MASTERS BODYBUILDING 1.Darrin Gray 2.Byron Alexander 3.Martin Hickey 4.Sean Rideout 5.Barrie Oliver OVERALL CHAMPION: Brad Jones BANTAMWEIGHT 1.John Wheeler LIGHTWEIGHT 1.Brent Martin 2.Gary Coady 3.Adam Dumaresq … Continue reading

2016 Natural Classic Results

- MEN’S PHYSIQUE OVERALL WINNER: Bernie Gallofin 1 Bernie Gallofin 2 Mark Oakley 3 Lucas Stefanelli 4 David Fleet 5 Luke Vokey 6 Blair Squires 7 Josh Kroyer 8 Steven Wall 9 Gerald O’Neill – BODYBUILDING OVERALL WINNER: Justin Baikie JR. BODYBUILDING 1 Alex Bartlett 2 Jamie Critch LIGHTWEIGHT BODYBUILDING 1 Adam Dumaresque 2 Adam Fitzpatrick MIDDLEWEIGHT BODYBUILDING 1 Phil Snelgrove LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT 1 Justin Baikie 2 Jonathan Crossley 3 Alex Bartlett 4 Jamie Critch – WOMEN’S PHYSIQUE OVERALL WINNER: Lori Squires 1 Lori Squire 2 Cathy Walsh 3 Lola Parsons – FIGURE OVERALL WINNER: Tracey Seaward FIGURE GRANDMASTER 1 … Continue reading

NLABBA Elections – Bios

Candace Critch: After much thought and consideration I have decided that I would put myself up for election of the president position of the nlabba. I would just like to say that I know the experiences I have had and the intentions in my heart for this organization are nothing but to continue to move forward growing this sport in NL as well as to support our athletes in all of their endeavours within bodybuilding and fitness. I also want to say that I will not be campaigning neither for myself or against any individual who will be running for … Continue reading